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We are manufacturers of the main natural stones: Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone and Slate in tiles and in all their applications such as floors, facades, coatings, pavements ...
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Price m2 of Natural Stone

What is the price per square meter (m2) of natural stone? The prices of the different natural stones vary depending on their type, color and characteristics, but as a reference We have prepared a table of prices per m2 of the different natural stones with which we work in our factory. In each case you will be able to see in the first column which has been the reference material for that price.

Natural stone Polish Rawn Honed Aged Sandblasted Bushhamered
Emperador Chirivel (30x30x2 cm.)
22.575 €/m212.075 €/m220.645 €/m222.555 €/m228.645 €/m2N/A
Noce Transparent Resin Olivillo (40x30x2 cm.)
48.686 €/m2N/A47.316 €/m2N/AN/AN/A
Intense Pink G-681 (60x30x1.5 cm.)
21.945 €/m221.945 €/m229.505 €/m2N/AN/AN/A
Brown Limestone (40x30x2 cm.)
21.625 €/m211.655 €/m218.585 €/m221.625 €/m226.775 €/m226.875 €/m2
Fossil Yellow (40x30x2 cm.)
25.289 €/m215.319 €/m223.509 €/m2N/AN/AN/A
Green Slate (60x30x1 cm.)
N/A20.36 €/m2N/AN/AN/AN/A

Our best-selling natural stones

We bring you a selection of the best-selling natural stones in | Andres Marin SL. You can find them in tile format and of course, cut to size. We adapt to the client's needs.

What applications and uses in natural stone can we manufacture for you?

Any use or application that you can imagine in natural stone we can manufacture it for you. From facades and walls, cladding, sinks, outdoor floors, skirting boards, shelves, shower trays, kitchen countertops, pool floors, stairs and steps ... we can also cut your tiles, slabs and tiles to size in any of the natural stones we work with: marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone. Save by buying your natural stone direct from the factory with % 1

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